Weekly Specials

Here at Oasis Dispensaries we always have discounts and savings for our loyal customers. Now we’re putting the chance to save on your purchases from Oasis Dispensaries right at your fingertips. See below for a listing of our weekly specials.

(ends 11/17)
$20 1/8ths: Mimosa (muv) & Blowfish (Giving Tree Farms)
$25 1/8ths: Super Silver Haze (muv) & Kimbo Kush (Giving Tree Farms)
$30 1/8ths: 818 OG (HWC) & AMF OG (High Grade)
$35 1/8ths: Dosidos #12 (Tierra Grow) & Ice Cream Cake (Tierra Grow/aeriz)

$85 1/2 OZ: Super Silver Haze (muv) & Kimbo Kush (Giving Tree Farms)
$99 1/2 OZ: 818 OG (HWC) & AMF OG (High Grade)
$120 1/2 OZ: Dosidos #12 (Tierra Grow) & Ice Cream Cake (Tierra Grow/aeriz)


1. Vapen, Venom X & EvoLab Chroma .5g cartridges 2 for $55 or 4 for $99
2. Venom & Vapen Premium shatter, crumble & wax 5g/$99

3. Spend $60, get unlimited $5 blend and $7 strain-specific prerolls
4. Spend $70, get unlimited $16 Gold or $20 Platinum minibud 1/8ths

For your convenience we offer both Express Pickup and Delivery options.

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